Hawaii Engagement Photos | Sunrise Session

My favorite thing about capturing Hawaii engagement photos at sunrise is that the beaches are almost always empty! We get the whole beach to ourselves! This privacy is appreciated by some couples who aren’t comfortable with getting their photos taken in public. On certain beaches, our only audiences are honus, spinner dolphins, and the rare humpback whales breaching in the background. Check out the little guy who showed up to this session below!

The sunrise light is a little different from the sunset because the progression is obviously the complete opposite. The session starts off with those soft cotton candy-colored skies. If you start early enough you can catch the blue hour. It then ends with that bright sunshine perfect for those hazy golden photos, the morning’s golden hour. Sunrises are also perfect for couples coming with a huge time difference! If you are on a three to six our time difference from Hawaii, you are more than likely to be awake before the sun comes up on the first couple of days here. Getting for a sunrise session might just be the perfect time to get your day started.

I am not at all a morning person. However, I am a golden light chaser first. So, I will very gladly wake up sometimes at insane hours of the night just to catch the sunset! I may grumble and hit that snooze button a couple of times but in the end, it is always worth it!

Hawaii Engagement Photos at Sunrise

On the early morning, I met up with Grace and David for their sunrise session at Kukio beach. We all ended up making our way to Kikaua and made an adventure out of it! Mahalo, Grace, and David!

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