Big Island Photographer -Kiholo Bay

wonderful family quality time at Kiholo bay

As a Big Island Photographer, scouring the island for new and beautiful locations for family or couples photography used to be something I do often. When I was just starting out here on the Big Island, most of our weekends were spent exploring and finding little gems that are quiet and with lots of opportunities for kids to explore. News flash – I actually do not like shooting in places with lots of foot traffic and way too many people just hanging out. I promise you, there are so many other options for family sessions on the Big Island. I am also finding that many families prefer some level of privacy during their sessions. Don’t worry! I got you, friend!

I discovered Kiholo Bay early on in the my journey. However, the allure of black sand beach photography didn’t come until I started shooting here more often. It feels like a whole new world on this bay. During the winter swells, the waves crashes on the lava cliffs creating such amazing effects. It is not typical for Hawaii but is so perfect for families and couples who want an adventure and looking for something beyond the white sandy beaches of Hawaii.

And let me tell you, the light here is just absolutely incredible for sunset photography. I personally do not edit my photos with any artificial skies, or flares. But the way the light hits the lava cliffs here gives me all that magical light I need! Teresa and her Ohana met me here one sunny afternoon for their family session. Check out more images from this location below.

Big Island Photographer at Kiholo Bay

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