Tips for choosing the perfect location for your Big Island photography session!

mom with sons holding hands at their vacation perfect location

Every family and couple is different! Because of that, when choosing the location for your Big Island photography session, consider the factors mentioned in this post. I can almost guarantee you will find one that is perfect for you!

My tips for choosing the location for your Big Island photography session

A. Sceneries that will match your home design and wall colors

Some of the images that you will get from your session with me are going to end up on your wall. Think about your house color palette and choose a scenery where you will get colors that will fit in really well. Keep in mind that if you are having a sunset shoot, the colors will tend to go from slightly warm to really warm tones at sunset and then switch again to a slightly cooler tone as the sun dips over the horizon. If you have neutral-colored walls then you will have a ton of flexibility. Lava rocks and black sand beaches, for instance, are stunning images but make sure those images will go cohesively with your house. Moreover, make sure that your final set of outfits will also complement the surroundings and your home.

The Big Island has a ton of diversity in landscapes, each as stunning in its own way! Given that, if you decide on a location with a ton of variety (trees, lava rocks, and white sand beach), you will likely have enough diversity to choose from your gallery.

B. Age of kids and activity level

I, personally, try to steer my families towards locations that would best suit the kids’ personalities and interests. If your kids are super adventurous, we can head over to locations where there is tons of room for them to roam safely. The kids are happy and I get to photograph them more authentically. Some kids really love the water, so consider ending the session in the water. Pack up some extra clothes if you are headed to dinner after!

C. Privacy

There are so many awesome locations for photography on the Big Island. Some beaches are significantly more popular than others. In general, I will recommend locations that will not have a ton of foot traffic. The last thing we need is a bunch of people constantly walking into the shot. Privacy also allows you and the kids to be more authentically themselves without the feeling of having an audience. If your kids are generally shy and clam up in the midst of too many other people around them, please let me know and we can make sure to pick a more appropriate location! Because there are technically no private beaches in Hawaii, expect a handful of people to walk by throughout the shoot.

D. How much walking are you willing to do? Do you mind a short hike to a super cool location?

Again, this is highly dependent on your family or normal level of activity. But if you are the adventurous kind, and do not mind hiking in your appropriate outfits, or packing them up and changing on locations, then I am here for that!! There are super cool valley views that will require a 15-20 min walk. They are so worth it!

I typically move and explore a location during the shoot to take full advantage of the diversity in the landscapes it offers. So expect to walk some, it’s all part of your adventure with me. For families and individuals with disabilities, we can go to locations that are more accommodating and where you can still have amazing photos!

I almost always have my clients start thinking about landscapes first. What feels more like them – forests, trees, lava rocks, sandy beaches, or mostly hanging out in the water? Then we pick a location that fits those needs and plan on outfits that match (again, matching your wall colors!). These beautiful images of you and your family will not stay in your hard drives and clouds-they deserve to be on your walls!

To book me for your session on the Big Island: CONTACT ME and I will guide you in choosing the perfect location for your Big Island photography session!

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