Summer beach family photos

photo of mom giggling with her baby at the beach

I realize it is not summer anymore for many parts of the US. But when in Hawaii, it feels like summer all year long! Summer is also a busy season here so if you already have a trip planned, do not forget to book your summer beach family photos while your photographer has availability! Summer vacation is one of the best times to take pictures of your family.

beautiful photo of the family at a beach in Hawaii

Summer sunrise beach family photography in Waikoloa

Beaches are beautiful places for families to spend time together. But there are things that you need to keep in mind when planning your family photography session with me!

A. Sunrise or Sunset

I photograph predominantly at sunset because the sun sets on the water when shooting on the Kona side. However, I equally love working during both times of the day for different reasons. Sunrise sessions can be easier for the little ones who are visiting the island with a huge time difference! They are up early and let’s face it, little ones are always happier earlier in the day. You will still get some of those cotton-candy-colored skies.

B. Location

Choose a location that resonates the most with your family. This can range from, the colors of your home to the activity level of the children. Imagine your photos printed and hung up on your house and think about the colors that would work well with your home. Pick a set of outfits that will then complement your location. For older kids (teens and pre-teens), I recommend locations where they have more opportunities to explore!

C. Come prepared

Bring snacks and water! For the very little ones, we can always take a quick snack break when necessary! Hangry kids are no fun–believe me, I know this from experience 🙂 Kids will occasionally want to go in the water. There is a small chance someone might need a change of clothes after the session. Don’t forget to bring extra clothes and a towel!

D. Be on time

To get the most out of your session with me, make sure you come on time. If you have never been to the location, add a few minutes to your planned driving time just in case! If you have a sunset session, the end of the session is usually determined by the sunset time that day. When the sun dips on the horizon, the beach gets dark quickly and I can usually only shoot for another 5 minutes! For sunrise sessions, the first 30 mins right after sunset are typically the most gorgeous light on you, the sky, and the ocean behind you. Light gets really bright and the weather gets really hot quickly after that.

Check out the Hawaii Tourism Authority website for the latest news and travel alerts for all Hawaii islands.

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