Hawaii Wedding Planning Advice

newlyweds on standing the lava rocks after their Hawaii wedding

Hoping on my blog today with some tips for your Hawaii wedding planning. The first step in planning your big day is deciding whether you want an outdoor or indoor ceremony. For many couples choosing to come to Hawaii for their wedding, that decision is quite obvious 😉 Outdoor ceremonies are great because they allow guests to enjoy the scenery while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive. Not only that you get all the wonderful backdrop in the photos from your ceremony. Indoor weddings on the other hand may offer a more intimate setting. As a wedding photographer here, I have photographed indoor weddings at some of the prettiest churches and chapels here–some even with an ocean view!

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Hawaii Wedding Planning

Choose an Officiant

Regardless of whether you are having an indoor or an outdoor wedding, you’ll need to choose an officiant who will perform the ceremony. They will lead the couple through the vows and sign the marriage license and in Hawaii will assist you with getting your marriage license. There are can be many different types of ceremonies in Hawaii, some incorporating Hawaiian traditional ceremonies. Select the perfect officiant for you by making sure they are able to provide some customization to your wedding vows and do any other elements you want to incorporate during the wedding ceremony.

Decide on a Hawaii Wedding Date

Choose a date that works with your budget and schedule. One of the advantages of getting married in Hawaii is that here, days are less of a concern for wedding days. You and your guests are all on vacation! Plus, come wedding vendors may offer you discounts for getting married on a weekday! Keep in mind that getting married here on major holidays may mean more crowds on the beaches during your trip! Holiday seasons/weekends are also major vacation seasons for the state.

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Book a Venue

Once you’ve chosen a date, you’ll need to book a venue. This is an exciting part of planning your big day, but it can also be stressful. Make sure you choose a place that fits your style and budget. Check out my favorite venues on the island HERE.

Select a Photographer

A photographer will capture every moment of your special day. They’ll take photos at your ceremony, reception, and even before your guests arrive. It’s important to find one who has a good reputation and works well with others. Make sure you select a photographer whose work aligns with the style and feel that you are looking for in your wedding photos. To see more of my wedding work, head on over to all my wedding-related blog posts: Wedding Stories.

Good on your Hawaii wedding planning, friend! And as always, reach out to me for more questions!

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Hire a Wedding Planner or Coordinator

For stress-free wedding planning, I highly recommend hiring a full wedding planner who will assist you with every step along the way! If budget is more of a concern, a day of coordinator might be more along your alley. Either way, have a dedicated person or team to handle the big and small issues that may arise on the wedding day. This way you can truly focus on the moments and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest!

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newlyweds on standing the lava rocks after their Hawaii wedding







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