Oahu Hawaii Family Photographer | Sunset Beach Session

Hawaii family on vacation at beach

Anyone else feeling that intense craving for a big adventurous yet also relaxing trip right now? I know I am! Many of us had to cancel big spring, summer and even fall plans this year. Where are you thinking of going or where were you supposed to go?

Our family is kind of divided on this at the moment. Half of us want to go, somewhere warm and quiet where we can play in the sand and water all day long. I get that this sounds a little crazy given that we are already in Hawaii. The other half of us wants to go somewhere non-tropical 😉 In either case preferably, where there are no threats of catching this freak virus at the same time. Yup, that sounds about perfect right now!

One day, I hope, the world will be back to the way it was before COVID-19 upended everyone’s normalcy or perhaps we can find a new normal where travel is safe and still enjoyable. One day, Hawaii will open in a way that will not endanger the people who live and work here. I keep reminding myself that we just survived five a half months of crazy lockdowns and social restrictions. We will survive a few more if necessary! One day, hopefully not that long from now, when all is well in the world, I cannot wait to photograph your family during your Hawaii family vacation!

Kekaha Kai Park | Oahu Hawaii Family Photographer

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