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family having a wonderful time at the beach

What time of the day is best for a family photography session in Hawaii? I get this question a lot! The best times are when you have the best, most flattering light! For outdoor beach sessions, this typically means sunrise or sunset. For the west side of the island, the sun sets over the water so I am a little biased towards the sunset time on this side. You just absolutely cannot replicate sunset light and expect your images to look like they do at sunset during other times of the day. They don’t call it the magic golden hour for nothing. This light is the most flattering for portraits! You get that golden glow from the sun and that light just gets better as you get closer to sunset.

However, because I work predominantly with families who visit Hawaii from almost every place in the world, time changes will always be a factor in their session. Especially true for little ones. What I had found though is as long you schedule your sessions a couple days after you arrive, the kids tend to adjust fairly quickly. Yes even the little ones! Bring a some of their favorite snack and we take a few two minute breaks here and there. And because Hawaii is relatively close to the equator, our sunset times are never that late compared to the northern states! No 9pm sunsets over here, friends 😉 Do you know that you can check for sunset (and sunrise) time for any place in the world for a certain date? This is my handy dandy tool! CHECK FOR SUNRISE AND SUNSET TIMES

I know a lot of us are craving travel, but when the world is safe again, and you want those sunset photos with cotton candy skies or vibrant golden glow, I’ll be right here waiting for you and your people <3

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Hawaii Family Photographer at Waikoloa Beach

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