Hawaii Black Sand Elopement

stunning bride during her Hawaii elopement

In this post, I tell you why the Big Island is an ideal destination for a Hawaii black sand elopement. Do you know that you can only find black sand beaches in Hawaii on the Big Island? Yup!! Hawaii is home to many types of sandy beaches, white, green, red, and black. I grew up around dark gray rocky shores in the Philippines so I had no idea black sand beaches are actually not that common. And while I haven’t traveled all over the world, the darkest black sand beach in Hawaii is definitely Punalu’u Beach.

There is something about black sand beaches that makes them photograph so beautifully. I think part of it is the uniqueness. If you google beach photoshoots, I guarantee you that 99.9% of the images you find on the first few pages are on your typical white sandy beaches. So to have a photograph of your wedding on a black sand beach is in and of itself, rare. There is also something about the black sand that makes the sun just glow this yellow haze when you hit it just right in the photo. These are my favorite images to create as an artist when shooting on black sand and black cliffs! You can see exactly what I’m talking about in the photos below. I mean seriously! 

radiant sunset behind the gorgeous bride

There are a few beaches on the Big Island where, with a proper permit, you can legally get married at. 

Three Black Sand Beaches on the Big Island for your Elopement

A. Kehena Beach

Is found on the southeast shore of the island. If you decide to elope here, I highly suggest staying on the east side. Otherwise, you are looking at a 2-3 hr car ride to this beach from the Waikoloa area 

B. Punalu’u Beach 

This beach is on the south shore of the island. It is quite a tourist attraction but there are pockets on the beach to still find some privacy. 

C. Kiholo Beach

This beach probably has the longest permitting processing required so make sure you are not planning a last-minute wedding or elopement! The beauty of Kiholo is its accessibility to the west side. It’s a close 15-30 minute drive from where you are most likely going to be staying on this side of the Big Island.

As your Hawaii black sand elopement photographer, you will get my vendor guide recommendations to secure amazing weaning vendors in the area to help your elopement dreams come true!!

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