Hawaii Family Photoshoot

family fun time in the water at Hawaii beach

One of the best activities to complete your family vacation to the islands this year is to book a Hawaii family photoshoot. It doubles for one, as memories you can fondly look back upon years down the road! And two, as Holiday cards! Whatever the case may be, don’t forget to print your photos. Whether that be through your photographer or a more affordable consumer lab! Don’t them sit on your hard drives and phones.

Probably the top question I get from a few families in the days leading up to their session is, what happens when it rains? Usually, they are looking up the weather for the coming week and see rain in the forecast.

Worried about the weather during your Hawaii Family Photoshoot?

My best advice would be to trust your photographer. I have been a photographer in Hawaii since 2014. Years of working here have made me familiar with the changes in the weather and wind patterns. I do keep an eye on the weather though. But I can almost guarantee that for 97% of my sessions along the north Kona and Kohala coast, you will not get rain. The west side is the dry side of the island and the odds of rain are fairly low. The forecast is unpredictable until the day before, sometimes even the morning of your shoot!

precious moments of the family during photoshoot

If rain is likely for the spot that we picked, our first course of action would be to pick another spot. Nearly every time this happens there is always a dry spot on the coast! Worst case we reschedule to the next morning/afternoon. But trust me, this last-ditch option probably happens to me about once a year–it’s that rare!

For instance, this session with Naga’s family had rain forecasts for pretty much the entire island. But the chance was low(ish). As I anticipated, the rain stayed away despite the skies looking it like it might pour any minute. The rewards: moody lighting, stormy skies, and a subtle sunset glow at the end! Overall a great session!

Book your Family Session before my calendar fills!

Contact me HERE! I cannot wait to meet and photograph your ohana! If you want to see more of my family photography portfolio, hope on over to: https://annfergusonphotography.com/families

And last but not the least, I am leaving you with one of my favorite hiking guide websites for the island and my all time favorite app All Trails!







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