Big Island Wedding Venues – Off the beach edition!

breathtaking mountain view behind a wedding ceremony at Big Island

When most people imagine a Big Island wedding, they often think of a couple on a sandy beach with some lava rocks and behind them the beautiful turquoise Pacific Ocean and equally stunning sunset. As one does, obviously! But a beach wedding isn’t for everyone and if you are looking for non-beach Big Island wedding venues, well this blog post is exactly for you!

The Big Island is well—big, home to many of the world’s climate zones, and therefore is a mine of diverse locations for a wedding. There are so many more Big Island wedding venues that are not on the beach. Whether that is cliffside locations, tropical jungles, or rolling hillsides, I am sure there is one that would truly fit your wedding vision!

This post brings you FIVE ranch-type wedding locations on the island. If you are looking for lush, greens, trees, vibrant gardens, keep reading and check out the options below! These locations are more inland and often at higher elevations which make for cooler temperatures compared to the beach! Do you still want those gorgeous sunset lights and colors in your photos? Well, don’t fret because more often than not, you are still likely going to get that too! Best of both worlds am I right?! 


Holualoa Inn

Located on the hillside of the Holualoa volcano in the cute town of Holualoa 🙂 Holualoa is also a functioning coffee and fruit farm. It has a few cottages for you and your guests to stay on-site! 

Kahua Ranch

This is possibly the highest in elevation among the options in this list. So while it is a little cool here at night the views of the rolling hillside and the ocean are to freaking die for! It sometimes gives off that getting married in the sky vibes! This ranch is among the oldest on the Big Island too!

Puakea Ranch

Puakea Ranch is a small ranch wedding venue in the town of Hawi. It boasts of four stunning guests cottages where you and your guests can stay on-site! Perfect for staying in and jumping in that cool pool to celebrate your wedding day in style—yes some couples have done that! 

Starseed Ranch

Starseed Ranch is located nearly at the very end of the town of Kapa’au. And I mean literally, the road that goes to the north end of the Big Island ends just a few hundred feet away and leads to Pololu Valley. Starseed Ranch is home to 20+ acres of farmland full of fruit trees and highly values sustainability!

Anna Ranch 

Anna Ranch is located on the dry side of Waimea town. Situated at 2500 ft, you get warm days and cool nights. This venue has a beautiful garden, a small wooded area, and the most fantastic views of the Kohala mountain as your backdrop!

Keep an eye out of beach wedding venues in one of my future posts!

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