Waipio Valley Dream Engagement | Hawaii Engagement and Wedding Photographer

When Stacy and Jeff told me they wanted their engagement session at Waipio Valley, I kind of did a happy dance in my head! I have been dying to shoot at Waipio but the valley is very hard to get to. It is a rough 4wd drive (read: scary as F) and certain stretches boasts as the world’s steepest! Hiking down is a possibility and actually what most visitors do; but the thought of hiking back up with my gear just sounds impossible. I’m pretty much at the worst shape of my life (except for that one time when I was about to have a baby!). I’ve hiked here twice and every time I sort of half regretted it on the way back up 😉 Nevertheless, Waipio is my favorite place on the entire island so capturing their love and happiness and making timeless memories was priceless!

Jeff and Stacy are an absolute dream couple to shoot and their session was nothing short of an adventure! So much so that my phone almost got soaked in water when we tried to cross a river to get to some wild horses on the other side. That idea was eventually nixed after multiple attempts because we had to risk getting everyone and all my gear wet! Needlessly, we still got some amazing photos from the valley!







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