Mauna Lani Sunset Elopement ~ Big Island Wedding Photographer

There is always something truly special about not only being witness to Hawaii elopements, but also capturing such private AND priceless moments! This Mauna Lani sunset elopement was set in the private beach near the Mauna Lani Hotel. Aside for a couple hikers right before we got started, it was really just the officiant, the couple, me and a Hawaiian Sea Turtle! In all honesty, there are no private beaches in the entire state of Hawaii. Yes, even hotels are required to provide beach access to the public. But the wonderful thing about hiring local vendors for your Big Island weddings and elopements is they know the area very well—which spots are very frequently high traffic and which ones provides more privacy. AND if you ever have any weather-related issues, they are your best resource to figuring out back-up plans and locations for the day!

Officiant/Planner: Weddings ala Heart who I highly recommend will get you set up with everything you need for planning and making your Big Island elopement a reality! Because really

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Mauna Lani Sunset Elopement

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