Finding Your Dream Kona Wedding Photographer: What to Look For 

beautiful bride at black sand beach by Kona wedding photographer

Aloha, friend! I am Ann, a Big Island Kona wedding photographer. I have been a wedding photographer in Hawaii since 2016 but my love for photography started well before that. Today on the blog, I am here to guide you in finding the Kona wedding photographer that is perfect for you!

When you plan your special Kona wedding, you want to make sure every important moment is captured. But choosing the right photographer can be overwhelming. With this helpful guide, you can find the perfect photographer to capture your precious memories in stunning detail!

sweet newlyweds about to kiss at Hawaii beach
Photo from a wedding at Papa Kona

Finding Your Dream Kona Wedding Photographer

Understand Their Style and Approach. 

Before you hire your Kona wedding photographer, it is important to understand their style and approach. Look at their portfolio of past work to get an idea of what type of images they take and how they capture the unique story of a wedding day. And in particular, how they capture and tell a story of a destination wedding with elements from the couples and of the location. Do they prefer a photojournalistic style with candid photos that capture the emotion of the moment, or do they go for more staged shots with posed portraits? Make sure you are comfortable with their photography style before making a decision.

Ask to See Full Wedding Galleries. 

It’s not enough to just see a few image samples from a photographer’s work. Let’s face it, it is in their best interest to showcase their best work online. Ask to see full wedding galleries that include getting ready shots, ceremony, group photos, and the reception. This will give you an even better idea of how they capture the entire event and help you decide if their approach aligns with your vision for your Kona wedding photography. A professional will have the good quality from beginning to end and every moment in between. You will want someone who can handle shooting in every lighting situation and weather.

beautiful bride at black sand beach by Kona wedding photographer
bride with groom twirling on a white sand beach

Understand Their Editing Process and Examine Their Experience. 

After seeing the photographer’s portfolio, it is important to understand that each artist will have their own unique editing style. Make sure that this is in line with what you envision when you look at your wedding photos. Ask how long they typically take to complete a project and their workflow.

Before making your final decision, look closely at the experience of the photographers in your small and final pool of candidates. Ask questions such as: How much experience do they have shooting weddings in Hawaii? How long have they been shooting weddings overall? Look into their reviews to have a feel for their reliability and integrity. You want to hire a photographer you can trust 100%!

Consider a Videographer and Second Shooter as Well. 

When selecting a photographer for your Kona wedding, it is important to consider the value that professional videography and a second shooter can bring. Hiring both will help ensure you have all the important moments of your special day captured. Your dreams of replaying and sharing your beautiful memories will come true when there are multiple perspectives from both photos and video! A second shooter is particularly helpful with big weddings and tight timelines where a solo photographer cannot be in two places at the same time.

Talk Venue and Logistics Prior to Booking With Any Vendor.

Before you visit any vendors, be sure to talk logistics with your venue. Venues are going to let you know their photographer policies, so before signing a contract make sure to research the required vendors they offer and determine the restrictions the venue may enforce regarding the creative content of your photos and film. Knowing this will help you select the best Kona wedding photographer who can deliver the style and look that brings your dreams to life.

gorgeous bride at the beach by Kona wedding photographer

Book Your Kona Wedding Photographer Early!

I hope that was helpful! You can always reach out to me HERE if you have any questions regarding weddings in Kona Hawaii! Check out my BLOG for more helpful tips and to see more of my wedding work. 

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