Portrait Session

Getting Ready and Session Day Prep

Thank you for booking a session with me! I am so excited to meet your family! Sunset sessions are typically taken around the last hour before we lose the sun for the day. So whatever sunset time is that day, plan on meeting me one hour prior to that. You can check exact sunset time during the day of your session below:

A well put together wardrobe dramatically enhances the aesthetics of an image. I encourage every couple to spend time to put together a set of outfits using the suggestions below. 

COLORS. I highly recommend using a mix of 2 complementary colors (example: pink and blue) or a mix of various shades of a color (light pink to deep purple) instead of sticking to one, same solid color. Combine those with one or two neutral colors (example: greys and browns). This style adds texture and beauty to the photographs. See set of images below! While I highly prefer light colors (tertiary/pastels), please do not be limited by these. Dark, rich colors or a mix of light and deep colors work just as well as long as you follow the complementary color guide just mentioned above. Patterns (especially floral) are definitely a-okay! Stay away from outfits with big bold logos as those can be distracting. If one of you already have a set outfit in mind, I would stay with that and find the other something that goes well cohesively!

Love love love dresses especially for the ladies. Long flowey dresses that blow in the wind will look best! More importantly, find something comfortable and flattering. For example, if you are a bit self-conscious about your arms, try to find a dress with sleeves. BUT if dresses aren’t your thing, please wear whatever makes you cute and comfortable :) 

If you plan on wearing two outfits for the shoot, please remember that the time spent on changing is included in the total length of your session. And hour session can fit a very quick outfit change. In many cases, there isn't a place to change as running back to the parking lot/restroom will take too much of your session time. To not feel too rushed through this, please let me know and we can possibly add more time to your session and adjust the final price accordingly.

My favorite places to shop:

Ladies - Free PeopleLulus, Tobi, Nordstrom -- Poshmark is also a great place to find other options!

Guys - Nordstrom, GapJCrew

SHOES. Please remember that you will be walking on sand, some rocks and uneven surfaces so wear footwear that is cute and perfect for walking on these surfaces. Wedges and heels are a no-no as I would hate for you to trip or get a sprained ankle. I love movement and part of the session will feel like a "choreographed" exploration, so expect to walk some and move around in my sessions. In the sand, everyone can kick off the sandals and slippers and go barefoot! If you prefer to be barefoot for the entire time, that works for me as well!

Below are samples of sessions I have done the past for ideas on outfits that go well together,  from casual to dressed up! Just note that is can get hot here and normally recommend that if you want to be truly dressed up in a suit, opt for a sunrise session and stay comfortably warm for most of your session. You can choose to stay within the same color block (for example blues in the first photo) or combine color with neutrals.

I highly recommend both for whether you go the DIY route or with a professional. While you want to look yourself during your session, you want to look your absolute best! Bear in mind that Hawaii is windy and a bit humid. A calm day with zero wind is pretty rare here. This is why hair prep is important! Worried about the wind? Don't worry-- I LOVE wind. Wind blown hair and dresses add so much motion to a photograph. If you need help finding a make-up artist on the island please email me.

Our shooting timeframe is extremely limited by the setting of the sun. So when sessions run late it can affect the variety and the quantity of the images in your final gallery. Make sure to have directions to the location ready. If you have never been to the location before and are unfamiliar with the area make sure to factor in a few minutes of extra time in case you get lost. 

Please be careful with the sun, it can be pretty intense on clear, sunny days. Apply sunscreen liberally and don't forget to re-apply when necessary! A bad sunburn is extremely hard to edit out.


As you can see, having only one of you to in some form of pattern, either a dress or a shirt is more ideal. Any more and it does tend to get too busy. If you must, go with a very subtle print!

Tips for bringing multiple colors and patterns: In the set below, I pulled from the peach color in the guy's shirt to select the woman's outfit! This combination will look really perfect for that warm glow in the sunset!

Embrace the darker tones, but match it with medium to dark colored pants or shorts! Wand to have multiple outfits? It may be tight to squeeze it into a one hour session unless you can change in less than ten minutes! I highly recommend adding and extra hour so you can take your time and have time for breaks as well!

For more information on wedding, elopement, and session packages, and availability please fill out the form below. I will be in touch within two business days! 

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