Eloping in Hawaii ~ An Adventure Elopement with Elope Big Island

pololu valley wedding

Hawaii is one of the world’s top elopement destination-and for good measure! Just as hundreds of thousands visit one or several Hawaiian islands for the pleasant weather year round, the stunning beaches, amazing hikes and picturesque landscapes, thousands come here each year to get married as well for mostly the same reasons. Suddenly, winters don’t matter. Sure, the surf is a little rough, and the water is slightly cooler than other times of the year but Hawaii still looks and feels the paradise that it is.

If you are still deciding on your dream wedding or elopement and you want locations with jaw dropping backdrops, breathtaking sunsets and surf, Hawaii IS IT, friends!

Today I am sharing one of my favorite Hawaii elopement destinations on the Big Island. A magical valley located on the northeast end of the Big Island. It is about an hour and a half from Kona town, on the greener more luscious, and tropical side of the Big Island. The road ends at the overlook and the start of the trail that will take you down to Pololu Valley. If you are up for a small to moderate adventure, unafraid of some rain showers and a bit of humidity in exchange for a magical destination location, stunning backdrops, and a more out of this world experience on your wedding day, then you might have found yourself an elopement destination in Hawaii.

This elopement was planned and photographed by the adventure elopement planning company I started in 2019, ELOPE BIG ISLAND. Want to take the stress off of Hawaii elopement planning from afar? Contact our team over at ELOPE BIG ISLAND and we’ll get you taken-cared off! We can do anything from minimal planning to full planning, so really all you have to do is pick your choices and well make your day of eloping in Hawaii a smooth sailing reality!

Pololu Valley Adventure Elopement with Elope Big Island

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